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Interested in borrowing/investing?

Invest in Dental projects


Invested money will be transferred to a secure escrow account. Graydon and Tailwind will make a risk assessment of the company. All payments are 3D secure to minimise fraud. MangoPay will keep all sensitive information in accordance to PCI regulations.


Credit card, bank transfer and iDeal. There are several options with regard to the repayments of the loan, depending on the risk profile.


Tailwind automatically generates contracts between investors and borrowers. Administration and repayments will be handled by Tailwind.

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Interested in acquiring a dental clinic or starting a new one in the Netherlands?

Or interested in investing in projects in an industry that is low risk and provides safe returns?

Leave your information behind and Tailwind Dental will keep you up to date.


Borrow for your practice


Tailwind Dental will support the entrepreneur before, during and after his campaign by offering the right tools and advice and supports both English and Dutch projects.


The entrepreneur can overfund their target after it is reached. Limits can be set in accordance to the preferences of the entrepreneur.


Tailwind Dental automatically generates contracts between investors and borrowers. Administration will be handled by Tailwind Dental to save time and costs. Tailwind Dental will facilitate the automatic and smooth repayment of the loan and interest.

What Tailwind Dental offers

• Meeting unmet needs of dentist industry
• Platform with dedicated support and expertise
• Faster money, more transparent and lower barriers
• Increase number of clinics and better equipment for better patients experience
• Industry experts to invest in the future of the industry with attractive return on investment
• Informal investors to invest in a sector with low risk and attractive returns
• Platform with secure investment environment and seamless process

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