How can I support a Pre-sales Project?

You need to have a Tailwind account, and choose the project that you want to support.

Once these personal details are filled in you just need to input your payment details, which will be handled and stored in a safe place maintained by our payment service provider.


As supporter you can do a variety of things:

  • You can support reward projects, earning fun, interesting or special rewards that cannot be found anywhere else.


Not only your investment is of value:

  • You can contribute to the success of the crowdfunding project by spreading the news within your own network.
  • You can give constructive feedback about the project, the idea or the product. This is of incredible value to the entrepreneur and you will help improve the outcome.
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How will I get my product?

Once you support a project campaign, you will be able to track the different campaigns you have invested in. If you have opted for a reward, which needs to be sent to your house, the delivery address from your profile will be provided to the Project Owner. He or she will also give an indication of the different deadlines to send the rewards.


A new creative or industrious process can easily run into delays. If there happens to be a delay, the project owner will keep you updated.

About my investment

What happens if a target is not reached?

Tailwind applies an “all or nothing” model. This means the funding for the project will be cancelled and the funds returned if the predetermined goal is not met. We do this because we want to maximize the change that a project is going to be successful.

For the supporters this means that the money committed to a campaign will be used to develop the project and make sure you get your promised reward.

We believe that an “all or nothing approach” is a way to safeguard the supporters as if the Project Owner doesn’t have the minimum investment, he or she will not be able to keep their commitments.


Safety and due diligence

Tailwind Crowd filters the company projects before they go live. We make sure that the people or companies behind the projects are who they say they are (strict “Know Your Customer” processes.

Whenever there is a transaction there is an official contract made between the different parties to make sure the Project Owners deliver on their commitments.

We work with the financial authorities to maintain a strict compliance policy and therefore currently only accept projects (in the lending model) from companies registered in the Netherlands. In the case of Reward model the companies (projects) and supporters can be global.

If you want more detailed answers on this topic, you will be able to find them in the Terms and conditions, and different contract templates that can be downloaded.

If Tailwind Crowd suspects a campaign to be fraudulent we will take it offline and refunds the supporters. If you have any suspicions about a specific project, please do contact us.


Is my personal information safe?

When you use Tailwind Crowd website, we collect and store some of your personal information because our primary goal is to provide you a safe, efficient and smooth experience customized with your preferences. The only information we store is the one required for this goal and this information will not be sold to 3rd parties.

In compliance with international payment regulations, Tailwind Crowd does not store your payment details itself. (Making it useless to hack us). To make sure you do not have to re-enter your details every time, our payment service provider (Mango Pay) will store the information for us, for which it is PCI compliant and capable of storing your information safely.

You can also read our privacy policy in case you want more details.


What if I changed my address?

Whenever you want to change the delivery address, you need to update your profile information. When it is time to send your reward, the project owner can then use this address. However, if you want to be sure there are no errors in sending we will provide you the e-mail address to contact the project owner directly.


How much money can I support with?

There is a minimum investment on a reward of 20 euros and you can invest as much or as many times as you want.


Where is the money during a project campaign?

Tailwind Crowd partnered with an Electronic Money Issuer, with license to operate in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe, that operates under the name of MangoPay and provides a payment application solution. MangoPay allows surpporters to hold e-money in so-called e-wallets. These e-money funds will be transferred to the e-wallet of the Project owner if certain conditions are met and the total funds required are achieved.

MangoPay uses escrow structures to reserve the funds of running projects, as well as to safeguard these funds from Supporters & Project Owners during the initial phase of project funding. Each project will have an escrow account for the funds and another escrow account for deposit when applicable.


There are no fees for the supporters (only transaction cost will apply).


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How can I change the mail associated to my account?

You can easily do it in your profile account and settings. Please consider that you will need to input your password, and confirm via the link of your new mail account that it’s a valid mail.


How can I log in if I forgot my password?

There is a “forgot your password” link at the home page of Tailwind Crowd. A link will be sent to your mail account so that you can reset your password.

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