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Have you ever gone to a bar or club and it’s not as busy as you’d hoped? Or have you ever missed a party your friends assured you was unforgettable? Nocto lets you see real time pictures and videos from within the events around you taken by people there right now! By contributing with your own insights you can collect Nocs which you can then spend on drinks, queue skips, entrances and more! Live now on Tailwind Crowd!


Did you know leather production involves lots of chemicals and its improper handling is affecting over 2.5 Million people in India alone? Join Eco Leather Movement has a vision to solve this big problem. We do it by partnering with Manufacturers who produce leather products in an eco-friendly way and Co-Create products with designers to increase awareness. We are a Delft start-up with established partnerships manufacturers who have been in leather industry for more than two generations. We are currently co-creating with circular economy companies and product design houses.

Multiple projects on the way

Coming soon to Tailwind Crowd are multiple reward projects. Supporters be ready to find ambitious and driven entrepreneurs that seek your help. Whether it’s to help a product be produced, get the best discount deal possible or just to support a noteworthy project and make the world a better place: here you’ll find them all! Stay tuned for more information or create an account.

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