The process of pre-selling your product:

Pre-selling your product on Tailwind Crowd requires preparation and planning. Before a campaign goes ‘live’ the project owner usually has already put in months of preparation. Therefore it is important to start as soon as possible with the preparations of the campaign. A pre-sales campaign timeline usually looks like the following:


1 Register on the Tailwind Crowd platform

Please fill in your information here or by clicking on the button below to apply for a pre-sales campaign on Tailwind Crowd. A member of our team will contact you to discuss your business and try to find a fit for your needs.


During this conversation you will be asked to provide basic information about your company, your strategy, your need of funds etcetera. If a pre-sales campaign at Tailwind Crowd is considered viable for your company you will be invited to a strategy session.

2 Prepare your campaign

In order to achieve success by means of a pre-sales campaign preparation is key. Once your company has been approved by a member of Tailwind Crowd and your company is registered you will be invited to a strategy session. During this session an experienced crowdfunding coach will discuss your proposition and explain best practices to adhere to before and during your campaign. An action plan will be drafted for you to follow closely. In essence, the preparation for the pre-sales campaign should include a plan to achieve your goals. Therefore you should always keep the following issues in mind:


  • What is my target (goal)
  • What is the average reward (amount) my supporters will want
  • How many supporters do I need to achieve my target


By always keeping these 3 statistics in mind, the target amount, the average reward and the amount of supporters buying the average amount needed to achieve the target, it gives your pre-sales campaign a target to achieve and gives an indication when your campaign will be ready to launch.

Ideally, your goal will have been achieved before the campaign starts. In other words, you have already amassed a certain number of supporters to be certain your campaign will be funded. There is a simple way to be sure of this. Create a list of interested supporters, for example by creating a mailing list or a database of contacted supporters. Estimate the expected conversion rate of your list: how many of the supporters on the list do you expect to convert to the average reward? This can be done for example by contacting a sample group and asking them if they are interested in the rewards in question. Once the amount of potential supporters in your list (times the expected conversion rate, times the average reward) match the target you are aiming for, your campaign is ready to launch.




Besides making sure the amount of supporters are ready to convert, the preparation for the campaign also includes PR work and promotion. Make sure your strategy is outlined concerning the potential supporters you want to contact and the realistic targets you want to achieve. Remember, you want to set your target at the minimum to achieve overfunding!


At the same time you can prepare your campaign page on Tailwind Crowd. The campaign page will contain the information you show to potential supporters. It is important to convey your personal message and to try and convince potential supporters to be part of your movement. Therefore it is important to introduce the entrepreneur as well as the company. The campaign page will follow a general format:


  • What the Money Is Going To Be Used For
  • Company Description
  • Market
  • Financials
  • Challenges
  • Timeline and Milestones
  • Contact
  • Project FAQs
  • Updates


However, in the end it is up to the entrepreneur to decide what the information will convey to keep it as personal as possible. Tailwind Crowd will provide insights, suggestions and support but the entrepreneur has the final say. In general it is a good idea to give a brief description of the company: business model & differentiators, products / services offered, management team background etcetera. Furthermore facts about the market your company operates in and a timeline and milestones are important to convey to your supporters that you have a plan and will deliver the rewards in time. It is also highly recommended that you create a video concerning your product and campaign in order to convince your supporters further.

3 (Post-) campaign actions

Once your potential supporters are lined up, your project page is ready and your PR strategy is in place you can start with the campaign. Pre-sales campaigns typically last a month live (i.e. when the project is open for the ‘crowd’ to support in). Once the project is live you should continue with being very active in promoting the campaign through various media channels such as radio, social media, newspapers, magazines etcetera.

When your campaign is closed and you receive your funds in the bank account you provided. It is important to keep to the timeline you conveyed to your supporters and to ship your rewards in time. Keep your supporters up to date with regular updates and you will see that your brand will have a following like never before.


Click here to download the information

Other useful information

About the campaign:


Who can launch a campaign?

If you want to launch a campaign, you must just have a registered company (worldwide) that has an innovative project and the complete business plan to back it up. The campaign and business case must comply with our rules and should not be fraudulent, discriminative or immoral.


Can I have global supporters?

For reward projects you can have supporters worldwide. However, you need to consider the possible extra shipping costs in case you target foreign supporters, and decide in advance the currency you want to work with.


How do I start to plan my campaign?

Once you are member of Tailwind Crowd, you will have access to “creating your campaign step by step”. This is part of a toolkit with useful tools for you to efficiently create your campaign and contact your supporters. If you have additional questions, you can always contact the support team of Tailwind Crowd that will be able to provide you with professional support.


How to create a strong campaign?

Tailwind provides all companies with an account, a toolkit to launch a successful campaign containing tools and advice to create and present a strong business plan. While creating your project, the project framework will help you to provide the information that supporters are interested in and guide you to make a professional campaign.


What is the length of a campaign?

A campaign is typically runs for one month. A longer campaign does not necessary mean that the supporters will support more. The shorter the campaign, the more positive stress to make it work out and the lower the chance you will lose momentum during the campaign. With this limited time you will benefit from the sense of urgency, creating the snowball effect of making a quick and successful campaign.


What amount should I target?

Tailwind believes that the supporters need to know that you are asking for the minimum investment to start. You will be able to have a second or third campaign, having as a backup the fact that your first campaign was so successful it reached twice as much as what you asked for. Remember that if you do not reach the project goal you will not get any funding at all. The minimum investment per supporter for reward projects is €20. This can give you an idea of how many supporters on average you will need.



How will my timetable look like?

Do not underestimate the time it takes to properly prepare and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign. You will need to have your idea fully prepared, presented and explained as well as reaching supporters in social media and keeping your current supporters engaged with your project. This is where the Tailwind toolkit comes in handy. You will be able to prepare more efficiently with better tools. Most of the time will be spent in preparation, but do not expect to be able to sit back and relax when the campaign is running. You do not want to lose your momentum.


What happens if a target is not reached?

Tailwind applies an “all or nothing” model. This means the funding for the project will be cancelled and the funds returned if the predetermined goal is not met. We do this because we want to maximize the chance that a project is going to be successful.

As Project Owner, it is therefore very important to choose a funding target that is both reachable and will give the required funds to uphold the commitments made.

For the supporters, this means that the money committed to a campaign will be reimbursed back to the e-wallet, and will be available to support another project or to pay out.


Where is the money during a project campaign?

Tailwind Crowd partnered with an Electronic Money Issuer, with license to operate in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe, which operates under the name of MangoPay and provides a payment application solution. MangoPay allows supporters to hold e-money in so-called e-wallets. These e-money funds will be transferred to the e-wallet of the Project owner if certain conditions are met and the total funds required are achieved. MangoPay uses escrow structures to reserve the funds of running projects, as well as to safeguard these funds from Supporters & Project Owners during the initial phase of project funding. Each project will have an escrow account for the funds and another escrow account for deposit when applicable.

Payment methods that can e use: Ideal, Credit Card, Bank transfer.


About your account:


How can I change the mail associated to my account?

You can easily do it in your profile account and settings. Please consider that you will need to input your password, and confirm via the link of your new mail account that it’s a valid mail.


How can I log in if I forgot my password?

There is a “forgot your password” link at the home page of Tailwind Crowd. A link will be sent to your mail account so that you can reset your password.

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