How can I invest in a lending project?

You need to have a Tailwind account, and choose the project that you want to invest in. In case you have a reward investor account and you are interested in a lending project, you will need to upgrade your account by providing additional information. This is a requirement to comply with strict anti-fraud and compliance policies. This keeps our platform a safe and secure environment for everyone involved.

Once these personal details are filled in you just need to input your payment details, which will be handled and stored in a safe account maintained by our payment service provider.

As investor you can do a variety of things:

  • You can invest in lending projects, earning an attractive return on investments chosen by you.
  • You can support reward projects, earning fun, interesting or special rewards that cannot be found anywhere else.


Not only your investment is of value:

  • You can contribute to the success of the crowdfunding project by spreading the news within your own network.
  • You can give constructive feedback about the project, the idea or the product. This is of incredible value to the entrepreneur and you will help improve the outcome.
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Repayment and interest

Once you invest in a campaign, you will be able to track the different campaigns you have invested in on your account. You can view these projects and review the details and specifics.

Depending on the project you can receive repayment on different intervals. The received money will go back to your e-wallet where you can either choose to pay out or re-invest in other interesting projects.

Please bear in mind that there is a transaction cost involved whenever you retrieve money to your bank account.

About my investment

What happens if a target is not reached?

Tailwind applies an “all or nothing” model. This means the funding for the project will be cancelled and the funds returned if the predetermined goal is not met. We do this because we want to maximize the change that a project is going to be successful.

For the investors this means that the money committed to a campaign will be reimbursed back to the e-wallet and will be available to invest in another project.

Tailwind believes that an “all or nothing” approach is a way to safeguard the investors, because if the entrepreneur does not is able to reach the minimum goal, he or she will not be able to keep their commitments.


Safety and due diligence of projects

Tailwind Crowd filters the company projects before they go life. We make sure that the people or companies behind the projects are who they say they are (strict “Know Your Customer” Processes)

Whenever there is a transaction there is an official contract made between the different parties to make sure the Project Owners deliver on their commitments.

Tailwind takes loans very seriously and will only accept campaigns from registered companies. These campaigns will then be assessed for risks and given a Risk Profile to allow potential investors to better judge if they consider it to be safe enough to invest in the project.

We work with the financial authorities to maintain a strict compliance policy and therefore currently only accept projects (in the lending model) from companies registered in the Netherlands. In the case of Reward model the companies (projects) and its investors can be global.

If Tailwind Crowd suspects a campaign to be fraudulent we will take it offline and refund the investors. If you have any suspicions about a specific project, please do contact us.


Is my personal information safe?

When you use Tailwind Crowd website, we collect and store some of your personal information to better provide you a safe, efficient and smooth experience customized with your preferences. The only information we store is the information required to achieve this goal and this will not be sold to 3rd parties.

In compliance with international payment regulations, Tailwind Crowd does not store your payment details itself. This data runs through the by PCI-regulations protected environment of our payment service provider.

You can also read our privacy policy if you would want more details.


How much money can I invest?

The minimum investment for lending projects is 150 euro, and as a consumer you can invest up to 40.000 euro at any time.


How am I paid out?

All the repayments and interests will be transferred to your e-wallet. This money can then be transferred to your bank account whenever you wish. The bank account itself will be fixed upon creation of the Tailwind account. This prevents any person with unauthorized access to your account to wire the money anywhere else then your bank account.


Where is the money during a project campaign?

Tailwind Crowd partnered with a 3e party Electronic Money Issuer called Mangopay. This party holds the funds during the crowdfunding process and ensures the money is kept safe in escrow. This means that the money cannot be touched in unforeseen events or bankruptcies of any of the involved parties.

There the money will be safe until either the project succeeds and the project owner receives the money, or the project does not reach its funding goal and the money will be returned to the investors.


Are there any requirements to invest in a lending project?

You will have to be of majority age and create a Tailwind investor account. You will have to provide a passport or ID card. It takes around 24 hours for a uploaded document to be verified. You can invest immediately, but until verification a loan agreement cannot be finalized. After the necessary verification is done, more money can be invested.


The fees for the investor are limited to only transaction fees and a loan administration fee

Requirements for investors

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How can I change the mail associated to my account?

You can easily do it in your profile account and settings. Please consider that you will need to input your password, and confirm via the link of your new mail account that it’s a valid mail.


How can I log in if I forgot my password?

There is a “forgot your password” link at the home page of Tailwind Crowd. A link will be sent to your mail account so that you can reset your password.

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