Our Vision

We believe that digital economy and alternative finance is accelerating and transforming the finance industry exponentially. Our passion is to connect companies with people so that both can achieve their full potential and economic success.

Our Mission

We support alternative finance for companies and give investors the opportunity to earn fair financial and non-financial returns on their invested money.

Tailwind Crowd Business model

Our primary business model is to provide loans for scale up companies with funds for specific verticals providing industry expertise. There is a strong Credit assessment and fraud prevention.

Additionally we provide solution for early stage companies or for more mature companies to pre-sales their products in the market before mass production.


Both models offer a unique alternative in the market place with the following key differentiators:


  • Meeting unmet financial needs of different verticals/industries
  • Platform with dedicated support and expertise
  • Faster money, more transparent and lower barriers
  • Industry experts to invest in the future of the industries with an attractive return on investment
  • Informal investors to invest in different industries with attractive returns


Target industries: Healthcare, Technology (hardware products) Energy, Traditional business, Social entrepreneurship and Sports.

Tailwind Market place players

Tailwind platform is a community with three types of accounts that can be created:


  • Project Owner or borrower → This account is for companies to receive loans or with the opportunity to pre-sell a product.


  • Investor → This account is for investors that are interested in investing money into companies for a financial return. This type of account can also support any of the pre-sales projects. An investor account can be either an informal or corporate investor.


  • Supporter → This account is for the people interested to support pre-sales projects. The reward supporters can be global and they can be either an individual or an interested company. At any time a supporter account can be upgraded to an investor account for free by providing additional information.

Why Tailwind Crowd?

Flexibility : Tailwind business models key benefits for companies, supporters and investors

  • Pre-Sales / Reward model
    • Companies
      • Test products in the market
      • Retrieve feedback from the market
    • Supporters
      • Encourage business improvements
      • Support and acquire new products/ideas/services
  • Lending
    • Companies
      • Raise money to expand your business
      • Keep control over the company
    • Investors
      • Higher returns, less risk
      • Investment Diversification


Reliable & Transparent

  • Tailwind as  Financial service provider licensed company is supervised by the Authority Financial Markets (AFM) in the Netherlands
  • Fraud prevention: Risk profile per project / KYC for investors, supporters and companies
  • Escrow Service, your money is always safe and available
  • Focus in security in both payment environment, holding of funds and handling of personal data
  • No surprises or hidden cost.



  • Tool -box, frameworks and guidance for the entrepreneur for every step of the campaign.
  • “The Wind Element”: optionally by Tailwind managed marketing strategy to help entrepreneurs to reach beyond the limits of their own network.
  • Repayment of loans is done via the platform. The distribution and payout of  the funds is managed by Tailwind. The administrative burden of handling many investors is completely taken away.
  • Structured approach to projects description
    • We help to provide the investors and supporters with the information they want to make an investment decision.
    • A similar structure between projects helps investors and supporters by making projects more comparable.



  • After care solutions (I have the money, now what?)
  • Multilingual platform. Tailwind Crowd offers the unique ability to launch Crowdfunding projects in multiple languages at once. Maximizing your reach!
  • Project awareness through Tailwind partners
  • Interactive platform
  • Active communication between companies – investors or supporters

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